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We are often asked about the meaning of the word Kairos.  It is a Greek word that means “time out of time” as compared to kronos which means chronological or linear time.  A remarkable story of an orchestra that continued to play during a black out may help you discover the potential of Kairos in our groups and organizations. As the story goes, the musicians were understandably lost and confused when the lights went out. They could no longer follow a leader they could not see, or the typical cues they used to work with one another. They had to step beyond their minds into a deeper place of listening. They had to locate an internal compass. The story reports that for 58 seconds they followed their hearts and trusted in something bigger themselves. The audience felt the shift, and in those 58 seconds they too connected to something beyond themselves, something they couldn’t describe. Some call it flow. Some call it “the zone”. Some call it heaven. We call it kairos, a place beyond time.


Sometimes it is important to step out of our situations, out of ourselves, out of the sequential flow of time to gain a different perspective. Sometimes stepping out of the flow of time and into the flow of “life” is essential for re-entering your work, and your relationships in clearer, more energized and more creative ways. Sometimes, stepping into kairos is essential for seeing your next step clearly.




Kairos Consulting Group was founded in 1986. It draws on a diverse group of professionals with experience in a wide variety of organizations including business, healthcare, education, transit, social services, and theater, to name but a few. When working with Kairos Consulting Group, you will be working primarily with Dr. Kate Regan, the founder and President of the company. However, depending on the size and scope of your project, Dr. Regan will draw on, and collaborate with the independent team members appropriate to your project.


Kairos Consulting Group is a community of practice where we are committed to walking our talk and practicing what we preach, where joy is a daily choice, where clarity is essential, where being impeccable with your word is a practiced discipline, where we take responsibility for the worlds we have brought into form, and where we are not in anyway “perfect” -- but are part of a reality that is.


For the past 30 years the mission of the company has been to provide coaching, leadership education and communication products that help clients step out of the linear flow of their work lives to gain new perspectives--perspectives that enable them to find solutions, behaviors and skills that give them back their time and their peace of mind, the core fuel behind creative energy. Toward that end we offer various training products and consultation services to enhance individual communication skills, work group interaction, and the ability of leaders and followers to take up their roles effectively.

Kate Regan, PhD, the founder and President of Kairos Consulting Group, holds a doctorate in organizational psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. She holds additional degrees in religion, art and education from Fordham University in New York, and the University of Alaska in Fairbanks.  She has served as the Director of Organizational Development and Training for Catholic Healthcare West (now Dignity Health Systems), the fifth largest non-profit healthcare provider in the country.  In addition, she has served as the Associate Director of Human Resources for Lucasfilm, and the Assistant Dean for the School of Management for JFK University. 


Having held a variety of management positions, as well as external consulting contracts Dr. Regan has the ability to understand the internal pressures and politics of organizations as well the value of an outside perspective. Dr. Regan’s work has been focused in three areas: understanding the systemic nature of organizations and how to work with an organization’s culture when embarking on large scale change; working with executives and leadership teams to design and develop strategies for implementing change; and designing and delivering educational programs to develop leadership and communication skills at all levels of the organization.  


Matson Navigation, Honda Financial Services, the UN leadership development program, American Express, the Graduate Theological Union, Lower Kuskokwim School District, The Paulist Fathers, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Bowne, Equinix, the University of California School of Social Welfare, Catholic Charities of San Francisco, the Alameda County Department of Public Health, to name a few.


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